Skip over the noise

and only see what’s relevant to you.

Get the right eyes on the right problems, faster than ever

Complex organizational structure drives noise and confusion. With SignifAI Teams, we will automatically connect each problem with its human solver so that you can see and fix problems even faster.

Immediate results

Once your Team is set-up, SignifAI will automatically direct your Team’s problems to you. From that moment on, your Team will only see what’s most relevant to them.

Smooth setup

Getting from zero to awesome is easy with Teams. Invite team members, define what they will see and where they will see it. Choosing your team name should be the hardest.

Faster MTTI/R

SignifAI brings all your monitoring information together, reducing the quantity and frequency of alerts. Teams silence unnecessary distractions and empower you to fix problems faster.

Teams is another step on our way towards becoming your virtual SRE.

Spend less time prioritizing and searching, and more time resolving.

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