• A 30 min webinar recorded on May 8, 2017 presented by JP Marcos, CEO of SignifAI. Topics covered include SignifAI’s mission, how the machine intelligence platform works and a short demo

  • In this short video, Guy Fighel – CTO walks you through the basic features of the SignifAI machine learning platform including setting data collections, managing alerts, preforming root cause analysis and capturing a team’s expertise.

  • A 30 second animation highlighting the key features and benefits of SignifAI’s machine intelligence platform. SignifAI helps TechOps teams get to accurate answers faster by finding correlations in real-time, among very large volumes of log, event and metrics monitoring data. When TechOps teams deliver more uptime, they finally find the time to work on more complex problems that require creative solutions…precisely the things that machines can’t do.