AI and Machine Learning Powered Correlations for Prometheus

End-to-end monitoring visibility. Automatic correlation of Prometheus alerts and metrics with relevant logs and events.

Powerful Prometheus Alertmanager and Metrics Correlations

Correlate events, and alerts regardless of the timeframe or monitoring tool 

Reduce noise with automated Alertmanager grouping and prioritization

Targeted views, escalations and routing based on individual and team roles

Accurate and detailed root cause analysis regardless of the datasource

Enriched alerts including a diagnosis and solutions informed by your own knowledge and recommendations

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Step 1: Give your Team a name

Step 2: Invite your teammates

Step 3: Decide what to filter in

Step 4: Decide where to be notified

Watch how easy it is to create teams, filters and notifications for Prometheus Alertmanager.

Out-of-the-box integration with Prometheus and other monitoring tools via native APIs

SignifAI makes it easy to get started with support for Prometheus and many monitoring, logging and event management tools (60+ integrations!).

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Get end-to-end visibility with powerful correlations across your entire monitoring stack.