More Uptime with AI and Machine Learning

  • Faster MTTR
  • Exceed Customer SLAs
  • Be Proactive vs Reactive
  • Predictive Insights

    SignifAI’s powerful correlation capabilities automatically generate Insights & Answers™.

    • Accurate insights informed by both people and machines
    • Automatic diagnosis and a recommended solution
    • Work proactively instead of constantly “fighting fires”
  • Leverage Operational Knowledge

    SignifAI emulates the decision making ability of the Ops team.

    • Easily capture and collaborate on operational knowledge
    • Stop “reinventing the wheel” and start reusing solutions
    • Apply a tailored decision engine to IT issues in real-time
  • Fast Root Cause Analysis

    SignifAI combines the expertise of the SRE team, industry best practices and our own Ops expertise to help you get to accurate answers faster.

    • Every issue enriched with relevant log and monitoring data
    • Easily collaborate on issues between tools without losing context
    • Automatic checks of external dependencies
  • Stay Focused

    SignifAI makes it easy to get all the relevant data from your monitoring tools into a “single pane of glass.” SignifAI automatically correlates and prioritizes alerts by severity and category. .

    • Less “alert noise” means more time to focus on what really matters
    • Stop context switching between tools searching for relevant data
    • SignifAI works with your existing tools and incident management workflows

Complete openness: your data, your decisions

At SignifAI we believe in complete openness. Export your data at anytime and apply your own Big Data analytics.

  • Automated pipeline supporting full export functionality
  • Preprocessed data arranged in a single schema as parquet files
  • Easy to import it into the Big Data platform of your choice

Ready to empower your SRE team
with AI and machine learning powered correlations?

We’ve made it easy to get started. SignifAI is a SaaS solution that uses API driven integrations to correlate the data you are already collecting. There’s no need to replace your current monitoring or incident management tools. Contact us to get your FREE trial started today!

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