Increase uptime with machine intelligence

  • Root cause analysis
  • Predictive monitoring
  • Machine learning
  • Predictive Insights

    SignifAI’s powerful correlation capabilities makes the generation of Insights & Answers™.

    • Accurate solutions informed by both people and machines
    • Insights surfaced in real-time and proactively
    • Reduced MTTR
  • Expert Knowledge Capture

    SignifAI learns from and emulates the decision making ability of a human expert.

    • Capture your team’s logical frameworks with an intuitive UI
    • Benefit from an easy to maintain and auto-adaptive knowledge base
    • Apply a tailored decision engine to your priorities and environment in real-time
  • Fast Root Cause Analysis

    SignifAI combines the expertise of TechOps teams, external libraries and data from their monitoring tools with machine intelligence to surface the true cause of an issue.

    • Identify the cause of critical issues in real-time and proactively
    • Correlate external events, self-generated events like anomalies, time-series and log data
    • Reduce time to understanding causes
  • Keeping TechOps Focused

    SignifAI makes it easy to get all your monitoring tools into a single interface and automatically correlates alerts prioritized by severity and category. Reduced alert noise means you can identify critical issues faster.

    • 60 out-of-the-box integrations that configure in minutes
    • Your monitoring stack in a single pane of glass
    • Fast identification of critical issues by cutting through the alert noise

Complete openness: your data, your decisions

At SignifAI we believe in complete openness. We shouldn’t capture all your knowledge and data without the ability of exporting at anytime.

  • Automated pipeline supporting full export functionality
  • Preprocessed data arranged in a single schema as parquet files
  • Easy to import it into the Big Data platform of your choice

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