Next-Level Incident Management

Chewie automatically makes your platform smarter, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Your Existing Platform, Better.

With one simple step, you can level up your existing platform and empower your team with contextualized incidents. Chewie supports all of the most used incident management platforms and plugs in with just an API key - it couldn’t be easier.

Resolve Incidents Smarter. Faster. Easier.

Chewie reduces noise and helps you stay focused, maximizing the ROI from your current incident management platform by adding insights and correlating related incidents across different data sources. Read more on our blog.

We know you probably invested lots of time and money in your incident management tool. Chewie augments that investment for a fraction of your platform’s monthly cost.


By reducing noise and clutter, correlating similar incidents, and showing smart recommendations, Chewie helps your team reach goals and solve issues faster.


Chewie integrates with your platform automatically, evaluates your data, and starts reducing noise after a few minutes. You’ll enjoy from noise reduction and correlation with needing to switch tools.


All you need to get started with Chewie is an API key. You’ll see correlated incidents and smart suggestions in only a few minutes!


Chewie plugs into your platform, processing incidents in real time. As it learns from your historical data, it’ll correlate and enrich incidents with insights about trends in your system and recommendations based on your teams’ interactions.


Chewie correlates related incidents, reducing noise for your team. Correlated incidents include contextual information such as the last time an incident of the same kind was triggered, how it was resolved, and which team/individual usually resolves it.


Automatic Noise Reduction

Chewie's Super Powers

With Chewie, you can reduce noise and make smarter decisions without changing your existing workflow. Chewie maximizes your incident management ROI by correlating related incidents and providing important context.

Work smarter with actionable incidents by Chewie.

We're here to help you find a smarter solution for your company.

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