More Uptime with
AI and Machine Learning

Correlate logs, events, metrics and unstructured data

  • Predictive insights
  • Accurate root cause analysis
  • Automated remediation
  • Eliminate alert noise

This is why your DevOps tools are costing you uptime!

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An AI and machine learning powered correlation engine
for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering

Identify root causes

Combine machine and human intelligence to perform accurate and efficient root cause analysis

Fix issues quickly

Predictive insights, recommended solutions and the deployment of automated fixes

Facilitate knowledge transfer

Easily capture operational knowledge to facilitate collaboration between machines and people

Benefits and Features

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Ready to empower your SRE team
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We’ve made it easy to get started. SignifAI is a SaaS solution that uses API driven integrations to correlate the data you are already collecting. There’s no need to replace your current monitoring or incident management tools. Contact us to get your FREE trial started today!

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